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Quality Blacksmiths in Edinburgh

Metal Work Services

East Lothian

John Telfer supplies a wide range of metal services throughout Edinburgh, Lothian, and the Scottish Borders.

Welding Services Scottish Borders

We are able to provide welding services at your location. All our welders are fully qualified and available at any time. We offer:

  • Mobile welding
  • Fully qualified experienced welders to go
  • Available all hours, whether It is an emergency job or an ongoing requirement

Window Guards and grills, East Lothian

Our team of professional blacksmiths can produce both functional and creative window guards and grills to secure your windows and keep you safe:

  • Secure your windows
  • Range of designs, materials and paint finishes
  • Matched to be sympathetic with the look of your building

Tailored Fire Escape, East Scotland

Stringent fire regulations mean that many buildings need fires escapes and failing to comply with fire regulations can have serious consequences. We can tailor fire escapes that don't just comply with regulations but which are matched perfectly with the shape of your building. Our services include:

  • Design tough, durable, and compliant with industry standards
  • Build to all types of premises and customise to the shape of the building

Decorative Metal Work

We are a team of creative professional blacksmiths who aren't all about going at it hammer and tongs; we can produce high quality decorative metal work that will add appropriate character and visual appeal to any setting. We are:

  • Creative professionals
  • High quality decorative metal work

We have a 130 year history, a deep heritage as a traditional blacksmith and considerable creative skills. Whichever services you might require our team of highly qualified blacksmiths and engineers are available to service your request.

We are happy to provide a free quotation on request or just to talk to you about your requirements.

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Our Services


John Telfer supplies high quality custom built gates throughout Edinburgh, Lothian, and the Scottish Borders.


Whether you are looking for hand-railings that simply comply with health and safety standards


John Telfer provides attractive, secure and durable fences throughout Scottish Borders and surrounding areas.

Fire Escapes & Stairs

At John Telfer Blacksmiths, we ensure full compliance with all Scottish fire safety and building regulations.

Other Metal Work

John Telfer supplies a wide range of metal services throughout Edinburgh, Lothian, and the Scottish Borders.


John Telfer supplies high accessibility ramps (disabled ramps) throughout Edinburgh, Lothian, and the Scottish Borders.

Structural Steelwork

At John Telfer, we’re highly experienced in carrying out a variety of structural steelwork projects.